Christina Darkes, B.A. Hons., P.G.C.E., National SENCo Award, Advanced Certificate in Special Education: Autism (Children)




CJD Special Education Needs Consulting specialises in training, support and advice on Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) and working with parents/ carers in order to improve outcomes for all children and young people.

Working as an independent adviser for parents/ carers, the focus is to meet pupils' learning needs and also advise on strategies to apply for interventions through Education, Health and Care Plans, and for lifelong learning.  

As an Autism specialist CJD can offer intervention strategies through the use of ADOS.

Training, support and advice is also available for parents/carers and professionals. 


Supporting the Education Health Care Process


I support parents/ carers to draft applications for an EHCP. Ensuring that all reports submitted from professionals and parents/ carers are incorporated into the report and show a full reflection of the education history and needs of the child or young person. I will support the whole process until its completion, if required, as this can be a  daunting period for families of at least 20 weeks.

My role is advisory and varies depending on the needs of the child or young person.  It typically involves liaising with schools and a significant number of other professionals, in a collaborative way, to secure the  best outcomes for each child or young person. 

If parents/ carers wish to appeal against a local authority's refusal to issue an Education, Health and Care Plan or wish to challenge an existing EHCP I can also support this process., 


Supporting children and young people with Autism and mental health needs.

Working within Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) as a SENCO and and specialising in Autism I  can offer support and guidance in relation to supporting children and young people at home or within a learning environment. 

At times a child or young person's education /training environment is not appropriate and I can assist the parents/carers as they consider alternative placements.

Transitioning children and young people into education and training can be a stressful experience for both the children/ young people and their families. I can work as an advocate ensuring that the process  is child/ young person focused, working closely with families, providers and community professionals.

I am able to complete ADOS assessments which can be utilised as part of a full Autism diagnosis  or can be used to identify and create interventions that can support a child or young person.

Having worked within Child and Adolescent Mental Health and developed strong links with other Multi Disciplinary  professionals I am able to make referrals for  children and young people to independent psychiatric support, individual therapy and family therapy. 

Autism Awareness and Mental Health Support training for both parents and professionals is available.

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